Sunday, 15 November 2009

Amber Shoot

Whilst home in Aberdeen one weekend I managed to rope in my friend, Amber for a mini photoshoot. I decided to keep it local and actually found all these locations on my own street, although a bit of clambering was required, so thanks to Amber again for being willing to do that, especially in heels.

Monday, 2 November 2009

Photoshop Fun

Just me playing around on photoshop with photographs and creating moodboards.

Notting Hill Carnival 09

Slightly off the topic of fashion here but I had to mention it. Having always wanted to go, myself and a group of friends went to Nottinghill Carnival this year for the first time and it certainly didn't dissappoint. With music, colour, food and dancing everywhere you look, the energy from everyone is phenomenal!

Interview with Peter Perrett

An interview I did with hot new menswear designer, Peter Perrett.

What University did you go to and what course did you do?
I studied Fashion at Kingston and specialised in menswear.

What was your final collection based on?
The methods of Heston Blumenthal. It was all about presenting traditional garments and details in radically new ways. As Heston creates dishes like ‘bacon and egg ice cream’ and ‘snail porridge’ I created garments like ‘shirt trousers’ and had rucksack straps hanging inside my outerwear pieces. Although the references for this collection were fairly obscure the aesthetic was deliberately minimal and monochromatic.

Did you show your collection at Graduate Fashion Week?
We actually showed separately at the Queen Elizabeth Hall on the Southbank

How do you feel showing your final collection helped in your career?
Although the show was not at GFW it was a really great experience, I'm not sure how instrumental it was in launching my career but the venue was packed and the feedback was all really positive.

What are you doing now?
Having sold my graduate collection to B Store I am working on a new capsule collection. Alongside this I work with fellow Kingston graduate Sophie Hulme. I am also working on ideas for garment installations which is something that particularly interests me.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
I really do not know, at the moment I really love what I do and as long as I feel this way I know I will have made the right choices.

What has been your biggest achievement since finishing university?
I think selling to b Store would be my biggest achievement because for me, getting recognition from people that you really respect is the biggest compliment.

Did you go to GFW this year and what did you think of it?
Yes, I went to the Kingston and Nottingham shows and I thought they were both really strong. I think it is a good opportunity to see where your work sits amongst all the other graduates.

Commercial Shoots

Whilst in London I worked as an assistant stylist to Angie Smith on a number of shoots. I had some great experiences and learnt alot about the buisness however the one thing I did learn is how much hard work and how completely knackering the job is! Oh and I also learnt that I am terrible at ironing!

This was the first shoot I did with Angie for New Look, it was so chaotic but is brilliant to see the final results. Especially when you start seeing the images plastered on the side of buses, billboards and in magazines.

This shoot was for a french company called Camaieu to produce their A/W 09 look book. We had almost a full french team which made conversation a little tricky but the models where great fun.

Firstly apologies for the poor photographs, this last shoot was for Strutt Couture. This photoshoot was actually the first bit of modelling that this 17 year old had done and it was amazing to watch her because although she was nervous it came so naturally to her.

Heriot Watt Pop Up Shop

This summer Camden saw host to a Heriot Watt pop-up shop for a few weeks. The small boutique sold some of the graduates final collection pieces as well as diffusion lines they had created to sell. The graduates managed to create quite a bit of press for themselves, gain some good contacts and make some money, all in all quite a success. And I don't think it's going to be the last Heriot Watt Pop-Up Shop we see, so keep your eyes peeled.