Tuesday, 20 October 2009


I was lucky enough to attend all of the Graduate Fashion Week shows this summer whilst working for Disorder Magazine. Met some nice people, saw some very interesting collections and managed to get some cool photographs

Harley Clothing

Before heading down to London I did a quick photoshoot for a small boutique in Aberdeen called Harley Clothing. Once again I roped in Sam behind the camera and Davy infront of it who was joined my model, Lucy.
I thought I'd take the photographs and play around with them a little in photoshop.

Sunday, 18 October 2009

Street Style

Name: Michael Visocchi
Occupation: 14 year old
Place: Aberdeen
Your Look: A sickening clash of decades
Likes: Spontaneity 
Dislikes: You
Fav Record: Strange House - The Horrors
Fav Club: A big wooden one

Collection Shoot

From May to September of this year I spent my time in London living the high life (if the high life means 7 weeks with no hot water, very little money, the landlady from hell but still having a damned good time!) I decided I was going to try my hand at London life and get as much work experience as possible whilst I was there. 

 I confirmed a job  with Disorder magazine very early on and they gave me the task of putting together a photo shoot showcasing two 4th year students final collections. So I set about hunting down the best our uni had to offer which came in the form of Grace Maran and Gillian Ramsay. I was hugely impressed by their designs and even more so by the quality of their work. 

I wanted the shots to be very clean and professional, all the emphasis to be on the clothes. I had thought about taking the photographs myself, but I am merely a snap happy amateur so decided to rope in photographer, Sam Brill. I found three male models, David, Hugo and Davy, my friend Chloe MacDonald styled the hair and my loving mother acted as chauffer.

Concept for a front cover
Gillian Ramsay's Unisex Collection

Grace Maran's Menswear Collection

Jean Muir Photoshoot

Last winter, myself and some of the girls from uni signed up for a fashion photography course in Edinburgh, where we got learnt how to put together a fashion shoot. 
We had tutors teaching us about styling, make up, lighting and direction and at the end of the class we were able to take a couple of shots using a professional model, wearing original Jean Muir dresses. 

The class was quite interested but could have been a lot more hands-on, and I did not appreciate standing out in the freezing Scottish winter to get one shot! 

Paris Style

Names: Aneria,19  Chloe, 21
Occupation: Students
Place:Bastille, Paris

Likes: Hip hop, J Dilla, The Percussions
Dislikes: Dishonesty, pretentiousness
Fav Club: Herbal & Madame JoJo's in London
Fav Record: Crazy Cousins & Kid Cudi

Paris Style

Name:Monica Ainley  Age:20
Occupation: Student  Place: Coffee shop near the Bastille
Look: Luxe Vintage
Likes: Living in Paris(everything involved and the inspiration, everyday here!)
Dislikes: Exams tomorrow (getting in the way of my year long Parisian vacation)
Fav Club: The Toubadown in London
Fav Record: I have rediscovered my Canadian roots, 'Harvest' Neil Diamond

Paris Style

Paris is one of my favourite cities in the world,so full of culture, beauty and style. 
If I had my way I would probably be there every other weekend but as it is, I like to go at the very least once a year. 
Last year I took some street style photographs for Disorder Magazine, although these two did not feature.

Styling Project

This was my final photoshoot that I titled 'Two pints of lager and a diamond ring'. It was shot in the East Neuk Bar in Aberdeen with my cousin, Katie.

Lets start at the very beginning...

  My name is Lindsay Robertson and I am in my third year studying Textiles and Fashion Design Management at Heriot Watt School of Textiles. 
  This blog is purely for selfish reasons, a way of me keeping all my work and such like in the same place. And if other people enjoy it, then even better!
   I'm going to do a bit catch up of work that I have done up until now.