Thursday, 25 March 2010

Rocky Horror Charity Show

This term our course teamed up with the charity, British Heart Foundation to create a fashion show. Sounded pretty good, however as the conditions slowly came out and the ideas the charity had were enforced I became a little apprehensive that it was going to end up looking live a primary school nativity. So our group decided to just concentrate on what we did have a say on, our collection. We were given the theme of 'an engagement party' *vomit* so of course what screams engagement party more than The Rocky Horror Picture Show! go figure.

One or two rhinestones later, a lot of late nights and a little bit of persuasion for our male models to go down the catwalk in nipple tassels, and we had our collection.....and I think it was all worth it.

Who stole the time?!

Wow! In less than a weeks time I will be finished third year and technically on my 'summer' holidays. Its March?! I live in Scotland, there is no summer in March! Anyway, this term has been madness, a little bit of partying and a lot of uni work. So I'm going to attempt to do a wee update.

p.s. beautiful boy, beautiful coat. It had to be added.

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

New Adidas meets Star Wars collection

This excites me more than I should probably let on!

Swap Shop

A group of us have decided to put on a Swap Shop in the university on the 27th of January to raise money for a new fashion magazine that we are creating. We have collected a whole range of clothes, ready for a good swapping, and will be bringing in the wine to get everyone in the mood!

1st the worst, 2nd THE BEST!

Every year on the 2nd of January the Robertson family gather the troops to have a small New Years shindig. However I have noticed that over the past few years these parties have been getting wierder and wilder with fake moustaches, crazy hats and generally strange attire featuring more prominantly ever year. Minus last years 'kitchen utensils being used as microphones' theme which seemed to have been replaced with extra emphasis on dressing up, it was a brilliant night. Also my mother making everyone bacon rolls at 6am before bed is definitely something that I feel should become a yearly tradition. I'm thinking that next year we introduce face paint!

Happy New Year!

Tuesday, 19 January 2010