Thursday, 25 March 2010

Rocky Horror Charity Show

This term our course teamed up with the charity, British Heart Foundation to create a fashion show. Sounded pretty good, however as the conditions slowly came out and the ideas the charity had were enforced I became a little apprehensive that it was going to end up looking live a primary school nativity. So our group decided to just concentrate on what we did have a say on, our collection. We were given the theme of 'an engagement party' *vomit* so of course what screams engagement party more than The Rocky Horror Picture Show! go figure.

One or two rhinestones later, a lot of late nights and a little bit of persuasion for our male models to go down the catwalk in nipple tassels, and we had our collection.....and I think it was all worth it.

Who stole the time?!

Wow! In less than a weeks time I will be finished third year and technically on my 'summer' holidays. Its March?! I live in Scotland, there is no summer in March! Anyway, this term has been madness, a little bit of partying and a lot of uni work. So I'm going to attempt to do a wee update.

p.s. beautiful boy, beautiful coat. It had to be added.