Sunday, 18 October 2009

Collection Shoot

From May to September of this year I spent my time in London living the high life (if the high life means 7 weeks with no hot water, very little money, the landlady from hell but still having a damned good time!) I decided I was going to try my hand at London life and get as much work experience as possible whilst I was there. 

 I confirmed a job  with Disorder magazine very early on and they gave me the task of putting together a photo shoot showcasing two 4th year students final collections. So I set about hunting down the best our uni had to offer which came in the form of Grace Maran and Gillian Ramsay. I was hugely impressed by their designs and even more so by the quality of their work. 

I wanted the shots to be very clean and professional, all the emphasis to be on the clothes. I had thought about taking the photographs myself, but I am merely a snap happy amateur so decided to rope in photographer, Sam Brill. I found three male models, David, Hugo and Davy, my friend Chloe MacDonald styled the hair and my loving mother acted as chauffer.

Concept for a front cover
Gillian Ramsay's Unisex Collection

Grace Maran's Menswear Collection

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